Wild West Shaving Co.

Enjoy rich creamy lather with the tenacity of a wild west legend!

Why Choose Wild West Shaving Co.?

Because I love what I do, and I strive to make my shaving products the very best that they can be. My ears are open, and my mind is ready, to listen to my customers and what they have to say about my products. Do you have a suggestion for improvement? Please, let me know what is on your mind!

The soap was very creamy and the scent lasted through out the shave. Nice job with the soap Russell Barton!

Jeffrey Smith
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

About Me

Russell Barton

store owner

Hi folks, I am a farmer who used to hate shaving! I lived with irritation and skin that was sensitive to popular shaving products for many years. When I re-discovered shaving with a double edge razor, many of my problems with skin irritation and razor burn went away. To take it a step further, I began making my own shaving soaps, and through many trials and experiments, I finally developed a shaving soap that was to my liking. A shaving soap that has excellent lather, cushion, slickness, and leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated after cleanup. I began selling my soaps locally in my own home town, and was encouraged by my customers that I should get my product out to the rest of the world. So, here I am... and as I grow, it is my hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer. I am thankful that you are here now, and I encourage you to give my shaving soaps a try, I am sure that you will not be disappointed. Be blessed! ~Russell Barton


Wild West Shaving Co. is located in South Central Oklahoma.

1805 Sunset Ln. Marlow, OK 73055

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Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 9:30 PM


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